Bold Creative Types - Unique designs that inspire your world

Designs for life

At Bold Creative Types we aim to be a little bit different; our unique designs will inspire your world.

Our clothing and accessories are amazing canvas for truly eye catching images and all of our designs are created solely for us, so you can guarantee that you will not find them for sale elsewhere. Our exclusive designs are printed onto Hoodies, T-shirts, running tops, vests and more so you’re bound to find something of ours to suit your own unique style. We use incredibly high quality branded clothing from the likes of Anvil Knitwear and American Apparel, so you always know that you’re getting a quality product that will last for years!

Have a look at our signature Bold creative types grumpy panda logo on all types of clothing and accessories. We don’t know why he is so grumpy but he looks good and that’s all the counts.

Our classic llama surf designs blend the power of llamas and surfboards into one beautiful union. We always knew llamas could surf, especially chilled out ones and you don’t get much more chilled out than ours, so when you’re out and about you can let the world know that you surf with the best of them.

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